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Giving the Opportunity to Give

Soupe et Cie, a Limoilou-based restaurant, has been operating a community fridge for anyone in need since 2017 and continues fiercely during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Melina Papalampropoulou-Tsiridou, Science & Policy Exchange

Walking down the gorgeous 3rd avenue at Limoilou, one of the most graphic neighborhoods of Quebec City, your eye cannot but notice the dark pink fridge standing proudly next to the restaurant Soupe et Cie. It is a public fridge where those who can place food in it, and those who are in need, can help themselves.

Photo provided by Soupe et Cie

Inspired by Emma Anderson’s article on the Feed the Hen/Nourrir Henri Project in Montreal, I decided to get in touch with the restaurant and ask a few questions about this amazing initiative. Audréane, on behalf of Soupe et Cie, shared valuable insights about the project, answered a few questions, and provided some representative images of the fridge.



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