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Canadian Trivia: What is missing in our Educational System?

by Sofia Pineda, Science & Policy Exchange

Do you know when Nunavut became an official province? April 1st ,1999! Another thing to recall for geography class!
On the other hand, if asked “Do you remember when Nunavut became an official province?”, the majority of Canadians, regardless of their cultural background, education, or social status who experienced this unique moment in Canadian history will likely relive the year 1999.

On this International Day of Education, it is interesting to note how memorization techniques like the loci technique, a method to link a new concept or idea to a familiar location, assists us in making facts more relevant to our everyday life. Likewise, multicultural and place-based education can create relevant and deep-rooted connections between students and the community, decentering western knowledge systems and contributing to reconciliation.

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