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It is indisputable that science is shaping our life; from the greatest discoveries in health care improving our quality of life to technological innovations modifying the way we interact with our environment, the world as we know it is constantly changing. All these advances are giving rise to new kind of concerns from the public worried about their safety, privacy and ability to manage an ever-increasing overload of information. In the face of this innovation boom, smart science policies that understand, guide and regulate the evolution of science innovation are more than ever a real challenge.

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Come on Get Happy. The Science Behind Stress Management and Productivity

Register Here and join us for SPE’s second public forum this year, where we will be exploring different aspects of mental wellness, followed by a panel discussion with a Q&A with three experts. Our second free public forum will be moderated by Mr. Jeff Moat, the President of Partners for Mental Health, and will feature...Read More »

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Come On, Get Happy: The Science of Stress Management and Productivity

Science & Policy Exchange’s second public forum held on June 2nd 2015 was a grand success! There were well over 100 attendees, a great panel of speakers, lots of freebies & prizes, but most importantly, a lively public discussion on the impact of mental health issues on society. The evening...Read More »

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Comment on the 2012 Federal Budget for Science Media Center

“Researchers and science industrialists always have many hopes when it comes to announcing a new federal budget. These hopes include funding to foster partnerships, funding for basic science and funding for industrial research. This year’s federal budget fell flat on bringing many of these hopes to reality.

The 2012 budget does...Read More »

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