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It is indisputable that science is shaping our life; from the greatest discoveries in health care improving our quality of life to technological innovations modifying the way we interact with our environment, the world as we know it is constantly changing. All these advances are giving rise to new kind of concerns from the public worried about their safety, privacy and ability to manage an ever-increasing overload of information. In the face of this innovation boom, smart science policies that understand, guide and regulate the evolution of science innovation are more than ever a real challenge.

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Ethics and policy development: ELSI programmes bridge divides

Developing effective public policies is no easy task. Policy interventions necessitate that decision-makers base their decisions on a broad knowledge foundation that is inclusive of multiple perspectives and stakeholders. In addition to considering numerous cultural, economic, and political factors, as well as diverse sources of empirical data, there is...Read More »

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The 5th Annual Science & Policy Exchange: The State of Innovation in Canada


The 5th Annual Science & Policy Exchange:

The State of Innovation in Canada



October 3rd 2014 8:30 AM – 8:30 PM 
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IABC and SPE September Networking Event Public Relations and Innovation


IABC and SPE September Networking Event

Public Relations and Innovation

You can still register at the door

 September 23rd, 2014   5:30pm– 7:30pm

 How communication can be the lever to get you to the next level

In today’s technology-driven economy where thousands of brilliant ideas compete for...Read More »

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