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It is indisputable that science is shaping our life; from the greatest discoveries in health care improving our quality of life to technological innovations modifying the way we interact with our environment, the world as we know it is constantly changing. All these advances are giving rise to new kind of concerns from the public worried about their safety, privacy and ability to manage an ever-increasing overload of information. In the face of this innovation boom, smart science policies that understand, guide and regulate the evolution of science innovation are more than ever a real challenge.

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“REJECTED”: The real reason why your paper didn’t make the cut

A friend of mine was recently trying to publish a paper and was having a heck of a hard time. Not because the paper was scientifically flawed or lacked sound evidence, but because her PI’s revolutionary scientific beliefs did not align with the status quo of that field.

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SPE April Networking Event: Science Communications


Lost in translation: a need for better scientific communication

April 29, 2014   6:30pm – 9:30pm   Register Here

Interested in a career in scientific communications? While budget cuts are making it harder for academia to absorb the ever-growing number of students enrolled in their programs, many graduate students are left unsure as to...Read More »

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Join The Institute’s Young Scholars in Toronto

YSI_HKstudents Join The Institute’s Young Scholars in TorontoThe Institute for New Economic Thinking and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) are inviting young scholars from across the world to participate in a pivotal event in Toronto, Canada, from April 10-12. The conference, entitled Human After All: Innovation, Disruption,...Read More »

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