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by Juliette François-Sévigny, Vincent Gosselin-Boucher, & Catherine Cimon-Paquet, Science & Policy Exchange (SPE)

Since its creation, the Truth or Pandemic team had one objective in mind: to create an interactive platform to tackle misinformation related to COVID-19 on the web, in addition to raising awareness among young people (aged 18 to 30) about the health behaviours they should adopt to fight this pandemic. A first experience for the team!

In June 2021, Truth or Pandemic launched its platform by inviting young adults, alone or in teams, to measure their knowledge on seven issues that directly affected them during the pandemic: (1) the history of pandemics, (2) health behaviours, (3) misinformation and conspiracy, (4) mental health, sex and social relations, (5) work and well-being, (6) vaccination, and (7) the post-pandemic.

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