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SPE Thursday 8th Oct, 2020.

Here are topics this week in Science policy news:


Prime Minister announces reappointment of Canada’s top scientist

Liberals' 2021 single-use plastic ban includes grocery bags, takeout containers

New commitment to battery-electric vehicle manufacturing in Ontario

Statement from the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada

Industry giants commit to transparent reporting of shipping emissions

Government of Canada Launches the Canadian Centre for Energy Information Website


The F.D.A. releases stricter guidelines for vaccine developers after a holdup at the White House.

Amid pandemic, U.S. faculty job openings plummet

FDA’s own documents reveal agency’s lax, slow, and secretive oversight of clinical research

French plan for improving science communication stirs up controversy

Disgraced researchers can still reap drug industry payouts

And for some exciting #SciPolJobs, opportunities and local events we have:


Policy Analyst, Population & Public Health Initiatives - Fraser Health

Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator & Policy analyst - York University

Policy Development Officer - Confronting Anti-Black Racism, Toronto


Research Scientist in Global Health Systems and Policy Research - Harvard University

Health Science Policy Analyst - NIH


SPE Forum: Healthy Aging in Canada, Lessons & perspectives from COVID-19

Trauma historique, racisme et santé publique

Keep an eye out for our next week's update in the news section #SPEthursday #ThisWeekinSciPol #SciPolJob

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