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SPE Thursday 13th Aug, 2020.

Here are the topics this week in Science policy news:


Canada providing humanitarian assistance in response to Beirut explosion

How to mobilize and sustain EDI change in the academy

Centre for Commercialization of Cancer Immunotherapy and Regenerative Medicine and the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine Partner to Boost Stem Cell Commercialization Efforts

COVID-19 Graduate Student Report (TSPN)

Canadian wildfires: are we prepared for the next disaster ?

International :

Senior U.S. lawmaker wants National Academies to scrutinize racism in science

COVID-19 and Brexit disruption offer chance to build stronger system, says new U.K. research funding head

Polio vaccinations resume in Pakistan and Afghanistan after Covid-19 delays

Should e-cigarettes be banned amid coronavirus? Why some U.S. lawmakers are pushing for it

"Ça apporte plus de stress que d'information" : comment l'emballement autour des études scientifiques sur le coronavirus trouble public et chercheurs

And for some exciting #SciPolJobs, opportunities and local events we have:


CSPC - Youth Excellence award - extended deadline

Mitigation Analyst (Climate Change) - Gov of Yukon

Director, Policy, Innovation - Toronto Region Board of Trade

Post-Doctoral Fellow - Hateful Conduct in the CAF: Policy - Ontario Tech University


Program Manager, STPF - AAAS

Research Associate - Data for Black Lives Matter

Local events:

Interview with Dr. Vivek Goel - CSPC

Keep an eye out for our next week's update in the news section #SPEthursday #ThisWeekinSciPol #SciPolJob

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