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SciPolCanada officially launched!

SciPolCanada is an exciting platform hosted on Slack for everyone interested in Canadian Science Policy. Created to continue the momentum of next-generation researcher-led science policy groups, this is a space for the wider science policy community in Canada.

SciPolCanada aims to foster collaborations, connect existing groups, inspire new groups, and share resources and experiences. We welcome everyone from Cégep, undergraduate and graduate students to postdocs and early career researchers to policy analysts and researchers!

SPE is proud to be a partner in this initiative along with: the Toronto Science Policy Network, the Ottawa Science Policy Network, the Comité intersectoriel étudiant des Fonds de recherche du Québec, and the Chief Science Advisor’s Youth Council, with support from the Canadian Science Policy Centre.

All Canadian science policy enthusiasts are welcome to join the workspace and introduce themselves!

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