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Open science x academia: what’s working and what’s not

by Jessica Bou Nassar and Melina Papalampropoulou-Tsiridou, Science & Policy Exchange (SPE)

As two early career researchers (ECRs), we have been experiencing the power of open science firsthand through our work in academia as well as witnessing it from a distance as we observe researchers from all over the world come together, share science, and save lives, amidst a global pandemic. The idea of open access data and an academic community where collaboration and exchange are fostered has led major funding agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to commence multiple relevant initiatives. In 2017, 12 recipients received an NIH 9 million dollar grant to create an open source, cloud-based biomedical data directory. Such initiatives demonstrate the importance of data sharing to advance technology transfer and improve the quality of human lives and patients suffering from debilitating conditions at a faster pace. Open-source data have also assisted in the fight against COVID-19.

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