Council of Canadian Academies Report Compares Canadian R&D Globally

By: Sam Garnett

April 11, 2018

The Council of Canadian Academies’ expert panel has released their report detailing the state of science & technology, and industrial Research & Development (R&D) in Canada. The panel compared Canada’s research impact (measured by publications), over a broad range of areas from academic research to industry, against that of other countries globally. The report concluded that though Canada excels in many areas of research output, we face the risk of losing our standing globally due to a reduction in investments into these fields. In particular, Canada had a lower ranking in research related to Engineering and the Physical Sciences and investment in to emerging technologies (including AI, nanotech, etc.). The report covers the period up to 2015, so does not include any recent budgets from the current Liberal government, which has recently invested in technology superclusters, and increased funding for investigator-driven fundamental research.

You can watch a presentation of the report’s main findings from a Re$earch Money event here.

You can read the report in full here, as well as access interactive versions of some key findings and data.