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SPE Interviews Science and Technology Critic and Deputy Critic, Ted Hsu and Laurin Liu

Come watch SPE’s interview with Member of Parliament, and Science and Technology critic and deputy critic, Ted Hsu and Laurin Liu.

youtube picture of Ted HSu







Ted Hsu was elected Member of Parliament in May 2011 for Kingston and the Islands as a member of the Liberals, and is currently the Liberal Science and Technology critic. He has been an advocate for evidence-based policy, government support for science , the commercialization of discovery research,  and STEM education1.

Youtube picture of Laurin Liu






Laurin Liu, being the youngest woman ever elected to the House of Commons in Canadian history3, was elected Member of Parliament in May 2011 for the district of Riviere-des-Mille-Iles as a member of the NDP2. She currently the NDP deputy critic for science and technology.


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